I came to Bradley having amassed a small fortune of a debt due to my gambling addiction. Bradley worked with me over the course of a year and I managed to find relief from the guilt and confusion and anxiety I felt at what I had done. He helped me to see my way forward and the “problem” now seems like a dim and distant memory. Bradley helped me get through a difficult and tumultuous time in my life. I now feel happy again, at peace with myself, and enjoy being fully present for my wife and family.

Thank you, Bradley, for your considerate, compassionate and caring approach and insightful observations that allowed me to see the error of my previous thinking.

I would heartily recommend him to anyone seeking therapeutic help with addiction issues or anything else they feel they need help with.

Ex-Problem Gambler, Succesful City of London Trader

Client feedback

I have had a 12 week session for a gambling problem with Bradley and he was very approachable, easy to speak to and very informative in how to overcome the problems with gambling. He was knowledgeable about where I could get information for myself and my wife to be able to understand why/what caused me to be unable to stop until it got out of control. I have not gambled or felt the need to gamble since my sessions with Bradley.

Many thanks

I came to see Bradley having lost an enormous amount of money on gambling. It was an obsession that I couldn’t control. My world was threatening to come crashing down on my head. My family stepped in and bailed me out but I still felt at risk and was crippled with fears that I would go back to it despite being given a second chance.

Within weeks of beginning counselling treatment with Bradley I uncovered a memory that had been haunting me for years. After revealing it in the confidential safe surrounding of his counselling room I was able to let go of what turned out to be the driver for my addiction. I haven’t gambled since and feel no cravings or urges either. I couldn’t recommend Bradley’s services enough.

I am very grateful I was able to work with him and overcome my crippling addiction to a fantasy that was always going to be my ruination. thank you Bradley and thank you counselling. Not sure what would have become of me if I hadn’t taken this step. I’m so glad I did and I would encourage anyone else who is reading this and thinking about it to do the same.

I was a drinker a drug taker and a seller before coming to see Bradley. I now attend AA & NA meetings, have been sober for the longest ever time in my life and feel better and better with every day that goes by and I could never have done it without Bradley’s help.

If you’re in a place you don’t want to be in I would urge you to go and seek him out. He helped me and has helped many others too. He really heard my story in a way no one had before. He helped me to see and access the pain behind my doggedly insistent happy exterior and deal with it. He seemed to be able to reach into my soul and ease the troubles that lay there but always without judgement or superiority.

I felt truly respected and valued. I now feel vibrant, alive and free.

Thank you Bradley.