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I’m Bradley, a registered member of MBACP with over 20 years of experience in addiction counselling and therapy. I offer both online and in-person sessions in Brighton. Though the pandemic made me close my office in Maidstone, I still counsel clients from there online. I specialize in substance use, behavioral addictions, and anxiety disorders. I’ve personally overcome addictions myself, so I understand what you’re going through. However, the term ‘addiction’ can be loaded and unhelpful, and I respect those who may feel uncomfortable with the label.

People can be more forgiving than you'd imagine. But you have to forgive yourself. Let go of what is bitter and let go.

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More About Addiction & Recovery

“Addiction” is a habit that persists because it once provided comfort and a feeling of safety. The emotional “limbic” part of our brain is intertwined with our survival instinct, and this can make it very difficult to let go of addictive beliefs because our “limbic” system is mistaking these addictive behaviours as important in ensuring our survival, so why would it let them go! Overcoming addiction requires embracing and soothing the fear that entrenches these emotional survival beliefs. The therapeutic journey involves exploring the roots of these beliefs and working to rediscover our original, authentic beliefs before they were distorted by painful experience. Through therapeutic understanding, patience and compassion for self, emotional beliefs can be repaired and rediscovered as the vital, helpful and healthy protectors of our psychological integrity that they once were before they became distorted by traumatic emotional experiences. 

Recovery” means recovering our true authentic “Selfthat is within us all, always has been & always will be, it just got twisted out of shape by life’s turbulence or subtle mis-interpretations; it is nobody’s fault but it IS a fault that can be restored to it’s original glorious state, a perfectly imperfect human being motivated by compassion, curiosity, & a concern for self & others in the perpetuation of the species.

In my work with you I would encourage you to address your issues using therapeutic counselling and self analysis (as I did many years ago and continue to do so to this day, willingly and happily) to eventually arrive in a place where you feel able to lead a fulfilling happy life, free of the repetitive obsessive compulsion to continually alter your consciousness for reasons that have remained elusive, mysterious and baffling for far too long and that haunts and hampers far too many of us.

If you would like to make a change in your life reach out and take this first step on the all important journey of self discovery and leave those old redundant practices that feature too prominently in your life, behind….where they belong;

THE GREAT THING ABOUT THE PAST IS THAT IT IS IN THE PAST……and therapy can help to put the past firmly in the past so it no longer haunts you. Therapy returns the lived experience to a memory recollection rather than an unwanted re-experience as if it we’re undergoing the experience all over again.

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mY philosophy

The Philosophy Behind ADART Counselling

Loose the anxiety, the depression, the addictive behaviour and bring balance to your relationship with your partner, your family, the world and yourself.

We become what we think about, consciously AND unconsciously. If what we think about is inauthentic and false we can’t feel it because it’s shallow, empty, substance-less; it causes dis-ease because it doesn’t mesh and we self-medicate to ease the dis-ease, the pain, the distressing terrible disintegrating pain. Addiction is always about pain, whatever the chosen substance or behaviour. The question is not so much “Why the Addiction?” but “Why the Pain?” A question the well known Hungarian born Canadian Gabor Mate has made very well known & it is a very useful saying because it popularises a powerful insight.

“ADART” is about going in search of the source, the root cause or causes of that pain and alleviating it by re-framing and/or reforming, our understanding of it and analysing where that feeling rightly belongs and how to move forward with our lives with that feeling in it’s rightful place so it doesn’t haunt and hurt us anymore. In other words we don’t eliminate it but form a new relationship with our process thereby integrating it into a healthier form of itself so that it then works with us and not against us.

Take the first step towards becoming and being the person you would rather be and the person you truly are, beneath the falsity of the loathing-self, the shame-filled self, the self carrying the burdens of humiliation, pain and confusion. 

Why Choose ADART Counselling

Don't Wait Any Longer - Turn Your Life Around Today

 If you would like to make a change in your life reach out and take this first step on the all important journey of self discovery and leave those old redundant practices that feature too prominently in your life, behind.

New Perspectives

ADART counseling uses therapy to change harmful patterns.

Coping Strategies

ADART counseling provides support for those feeling isolated.

Repairing Relationships

Counselors repair drug-related relationships with addiction recovery.


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