Counselling Services

Anxiety, Depression, Addiction & Relationship Therapy seeks to identify and address the root cause of pain, reframing and understanding it to relieve its negative impact on daily life.

Substance Use Counselling

Explore the rational and emotional aspects of your behavior to understand why you continue repeating unhelpful patterns.

Anxiety & Depression Counselling

Get help to overcome depression, fear, and anxiety. Our counseling and treatment will restore joy and motivation to your life.

Relationship Counselling

I provide a supportive and non-judgmental environment to help you find a way through any difficulties you may be facing in your relationship/s.

Substance Use Counselling

Substance use as “self-medication”  can quickly lead to addiction.

So how does this happen? Why do this?

As human beings we naturally shy away from pain & turn towards pleasure.

Pain makes us feel afraid, sad, and alone. This can cause us to feel bitter towards those who appear carefree, happy & untroubled, it’s as if they’re laughing at us. They remind us of who we want to be, how we want to feel & this can very quickly turn into an unconscious negation of all that that represents to us, so we go into denial of reality & start to construct a false self that doesn’t feel the pain. As we lose sight of our true selves, we believe more & more in the protective power our false selves give us & our “self-medicating” accelerates. 

We are becoming more & more inauthentic. 

But despite this, we commit to what we perceive & believe to be our method to self-preserve, to survive, even though it’s actually hurting us. Instead of healing our wounds, it’s deepening them but we create our very own Frankenstein’s monster to scare people and pain away.

We become our own worst enemy or saboteur; a spy in the camp……


Counselling for Drinking Problems

The integrative approach to therapy proposes looking at problems in living from an existential humanistic perspective regarding the person as the expert on themselves. What this means is that you are the one who potentially knows yourself the best and with help you can find yourself again without the anaesthetic you’ve become accustomed to using to numb the pain.

If we lose sight of the true authentic us confusion reigns but our substance of choice seems to clear up the confusion; but all it really does is turn off the light.

Years of habitual medicating distances us from any other way of being and locks us into a pattern that we feel powerless to change.



Make your plan SMART with specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timed goals. Challenge your motivations for addictive behavior and recover before uncovering by abstaining from the addiction. This allows your true self to surface. Seek help from treatment, recovery, and counseling during this time. Address the root cause of addiction by finding and healing the pain. Reclaim your lost self by returning to your original dreams, beliefs, values, and philosophical outlooks. Don’t let old habits kill you – regain control of your life.

Addiction Recovery 85%
SMART Goal Success 95%
Addiction counselling & Therapy

Addiction kills; first the pain, then us.

Using drugs creates a cycle of dependency and confusion. Counselling can help you understand and shed the false persona of addiction, allowing you to embrace your true self. This journey won’t be easy or immediate, but it will be worth it. Change your thinking and feelings by taking the first step towards the life you deserve. 

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Counselling in Brighton & Maidstone

Let’s explore your story, looking at how you got here and where you want to be. Addictions are a mask for discontent and I can identify your triggers. I will examine what you’re getting from your addiction and how it makes you feel. Counselling helps us recognize that we have a choice and alternative options. It involves asking pertinent questions like what we’re telling ourselves, how we perceive our worth, and what we hope for the future. Counselling challenges our beliefs to help us grow into our true selves and leave behind addictive behaviors.

How It Works

Take The Steps To Recovery

There are various types of therapy options available that will allow you to understand what caused your addiction, as well as how to develop a recovery plan to stay sober.


Take The First Step By Contacting Me

Take the first step on that all important journey by booking a consultation or give me a call on 07914681995.


Choose Method of Consultation

Choose from an in-person consultation, phone consultation, or video consultation.


Book A Consultation

When booking an appointment, provide accurate information and reason for consultation.


Begin Turning Your Life Around

Eventually after continuous repetition and reinforcement you will be free from the shackles of slavish addiction.

Fit the therapy to suit you, not you to fit the therapy.